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Running a business is complex, let us take some of that off of your plate.

Making critical decisions daily is part of being a business owner. Having a reliable and trustworthy financial expert you can turn to will allow you to use your time better and focus on what is most important to your business.

PWA’s Fractional CFO Services in Utah can help:

  • Provide guidance on managing business finances
  • Organize accounting and generate financial reports
  • Prepare tax returns and tax advisory

Regain valuable time and relax knowing your taxes and accounting are handled by our expert team of controllers, tax experts, and CFOs.

Introductory Consultation

Schedule a no-cost introductory consultation to explain your needs and let us share how PWA can help you. 

    Why Hire a Fractional CFO?

    In an ideal scenario, a proficient and experienced financial expert on your team would strengthen your company’s overall health and swiftly address emerging challenges. However, recruiting a full-time CFO is typically costly, which can potentially strain the resources of a growing business.

    Enter PWA’s fractional CFO services, representing a pragmatic and economically sensible approach to elevating your business. With our assistance, you can seamlessly attain comprehensive, high-level financial insights and a refined strategic expertise without the burden of onboarding full-time staff.

    How do Fractional CFO Services Work?

    Our comprehensive fractional CFO services provide you with a dedicated controller along with a virtual team of adept accountants, tax specialists, and an experienced CFO. Collectively, we steer your business towards financial well-being and lasting success. Employing an integrated approach, we offer essential services for business owners in the form of comprehensive financial reporting, forecasting, growth strategies, and numerous tax services. Ultimately, our mission is to free up your time and give you peace of mind so you can run your business while we take care of the heavier financial load.

    PWA offers an all-in-one financial solution for a fixed-cost!

    Ditch the burden of hiring out for each of your business needs and partner with PWA's experts!

    About PW Associates in Utah

    PW Associates (PWA) is a CPA firm supporting privately-owned companies in Utah with tax, accounting, and advisory services (i.e., “CFO and outsourced accounting services”).  PWA has particular expertise serving private companies involved in international business.  Industries most commonly served include manufacturing & trades, software & technology, professional services, and transportation & distribution.

    Everything You Need in One Place

    With PWA there is no need to manage various teams and individuals. We’ve got your financial needs covered.

    Income Tax
    Payroll Tax
    Sales & Use Tax
    Property Tax


    Bill Payment
    Customer Invoicing
    Account Reconciliation


    Key Performance Indicators
    Statement of Cash Flows
    Balance Sheet
    Profit & Loss Statement
    Budget vs Actual

    Business Strategy
    Cash Flow Forecasting
    Problem Resolution
    Growth Planning
    Succession Planning

    What Our Clients Say

    Our experienced team of CFOs and controllers will optimize your potential.

    Dedicated Experts

    Dedicated team with a single point of contact. You have access to accountants, tax specialists, senior business advisors, and CFO-level advisors.

    Fixed Monthly Pricing

    No surprise billing! We’ll create a custom proposal with a fixed monthly fee for an agreed scope of services.

    Team Mentality

    We operate as if we were a member of your team. Take advantage of unlimited calls whenever a question or need arises.

    Strategic Check-ins

    PWA encourages annual strategic and budget-setting meetings followed by monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) management reporting and coordination meetings.
    Business people discussing fractional cfo services

    Who We Serve

    The PWA team’s broad experience allows us to serve businesses ranging in size from start-ups to hundreds of millions in revenue. We work with private companies, their owners, and international corporations. Although our experience allows our team to service a broad range of industries, we most commonly work with companies in the following sectors.

    • Manufacturing and Trades
    • Software and Technology
    • Professional Services
    • Transportation and Distribution

    60 Minute Consultation

    We’d love to learn more about your company and see if you’re a good fit for our Virtual CFO services. Fill out the form to schedule a free consultation.

    During the call, you’ll:

    • Chat with us about your company’s financial situation, growth plans and anything else you think would help us to better understand what you’re looking for.
    • Learn more about what hiring a Fractional CFO means, how we typically work with clients, and what services we can help your business with.
    • Get specific action steps to improve your company’s financial health.

      PWA is proud to be a part of Russell Bedford International, a global network of independent professional services firms.

      Utah Business Opportunities

      Between being one of the fastest growing states in the nation and having one of the lowest unemployment rates, Utah is rich with business opportunities for its millions of residents to take advantage of.

      According to Utah’s Department of Workforce Services, nearly two million jobs are currently occupied, a number which has increased at a faster rate higher than the national average over the last year.