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Case Study

Succession Plan for a 40-Year-Old Manufacturing Business

The Situation

  • Family-owned first generation business owned by founder / shareholders now in their 70s.
  • Loyal and talented young management team with interest in ownership but lacking business and financial expertise or the funds to buy-out shareholders
  • Shareholders would (ideally) like ownership to transfer to an employee stock ownership company (ESOP)

Client Needs

  • An actionable ownership & management succession plan
  • Temporary leadership to implement the succession plan
  • Periodic financial & business oversight


  • Met with managers to learn their interests as well as their strengths & weaknesses and team dynamics
  • Studied the customer, industry, and relationship base to form an opinion on business continuity risk
  • Developed a succession plan with phase one being a management transition with the current owners stepping-out of management and the empowering the younger generation.  Taught the younger managers about setting and achieving goals through weekly accountability meetings.
  • After an 18 month successful management transition, recommended and received approval on an ownership transition plan involving management purchasing shares from the current owners on an owner financed basis.
  • Currently serve in a board of director role (along with former owners) to provide leadership and provide financial oversight including being guided by budgets.