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Fractional CFO

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What is a Fractional CFO

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can start at six figures and go well over several hundred thousand, not including vacations, bonuses, and other benefits. The cost can be prohibitive for small and mid-sized businesses.

PWA provides part-time (i.e., fractional) CFO services. A fractional CFO can do many of the same things a full-time CFO would do including overseeing accounting and tax matters, advising and providing input to owner-managers, and liaising with bankers, department managers, and key vendors.

Our fractional CFOs can also help with business forecasting, company-wide KPIs, and more - all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

How much does a fractional CFO cost?

A full time CFO can be cost prohibitive for a small to mid-sized business. Hiring a fractional CFO provides businesses with extensive experience at a much lower cost than a full-time employee.

We offer fixed pricing packages so as to be treated as a member of your team. See full details on our pricing page


In need of guidance or coaching?

Our popular financial and tax coaching service could be the right fit. Prices start at just $1,000 per month.


Case Study

PWA has been our outsourced finance team since we entered the U.S. market. They started with us when all we had was an idea; now we are over $120 million in sales. Even though our management team is located outside the U.S. we communicate very well with PWA. They are very responsive, responsible, and easy to work with. They are a talented and experienced group – a very good fractional CFO and accounting team.