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We work with you to identify your accounting needs and help find the best solution for your situation

Sometimes small businesses have very good internal bookkeepers but just need monthly or quarterly oversight to check accounts and perform agreed procedures. In these cases, we involve an experienced, part-time controller.

Think of a controller as a very experienced accountant who not only understands bookkeeping but also understands accounting process and procedure, how accounts need to reconcile, and how the income statement and balance sheet need to tie into one another.

To achieve the best results in today’s very complex financial world, an accounting team is usually needed

Instead of hiring one individual with the hope of that person taking care of all your bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, accounts reconciliation, information returns, income tax filings, payroll tax filings, sales tax filings, property tax filings, etc., etc., why not spend that money on an outsourced accounting services team.  It is not realistic in today’s world that one individual can be qualified and competent (let alone efficient) with all the different accounting software, let alone accounting and tax rules & regulations. 

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How much does outsourced accounting cost?

We offer fixed pricing packages so as to be treated as a member of your team. 

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PWA utilizes technology to make your accounting task as efficient as possible

To control costs and minimize burden, accounting processes & procedures need to be “architected” today just like a building is architected.  The long-term benefit and cost savings of doing so can be terrific.  Ask us about performing a needs assessment to provide recommendations.


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