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How merging with PWA can benefit your clients and boost your success.

As a CPA firm owner, you may be wondering why you might want to merge with another firm. After all, you have worked hard to build your own business, and it can be difficult to let go of that control. However, there are many reasons why a merger can be beneficial, both for your business and your clients.

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    The Benefits of Merging with PWA

    Merging with another CPA firm can be a daunting decision for any small CPA firm owner. However, merging can provide numerous benefits that can help your firm thrive in the long run.

    1. Increased Resources

    When two firms merge, they combine their resources, including personnel, marketing, technology, and financial resources. This helps both firms operate more efficiently and effectively. This can help you to better save money, serve your clients, expand your services, and ultimately increase your revenue.

    2. Expanded Client Base

    By joining forces with PWA, you can tap into our existing client base and acquire new clients that were previously out of reach. Merging with a firm that is located in a different geographic area can provide you with the opportunity to expand your reach and attract new clients in new markets. This can be especially beneficial if your current market is saturated or if there is limited growth potential.

    3. Breadth of Expertise

    By merging with PWA, you can gain access to additional expertise and experience in areas where you may not have as much experience. PWA has extensive experience in outsourced controllership, fractional CFO services, accounting, taxes, and international business. By combining the expertise of both firms, you can provide more comprehensive services to your clients and increase your competitive advantage. 

    4. Enhanced Efficiency

    Merging with PWA can also help improve efficiency. By combining our resources and expertise, you can streamline operations and reduce redundancies. This can help you provide more value to your clients by delivering services more efficiently and effectively.

    5. Shared Risk

    By sharing resources and expertise, we can help each other navigate the challenges of the industry and reduce the risk of failure. Additionally, a merged firm may be better equipped to handle unexpected events such as economic downturns or changes in tax laws.

    6. Exit Strategy

    Finally, merging with PWA can provide you with a clear exit strategy. If you are planning to retire or exit the business at some point in the future, a merger can help you to transfer ownership and ensure that your clients are well taken care of.

    About PW Associates

    PW Associates (PWA) is a CPA firm supporting privately-owned companies in Dallas with tax, accounting, and advisory services (i.e., “CFO and outsourced accounting services”).  PWA has particular expertise serving private companies involved in international business.  Industries most commonly served include manufacturing & trades, software & technology, professional services, and transportation & distribution.

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    Who We Serve

    The PWA team’s broad experience allows us to serve businesses ranging in size from start-ups to hundreds of millions in revenue. We work with private companies, their owners, and international corporations. Although our experience allows our team to service a broad range of industries, we most commonly work with companies in the following sectors.

    • Manufacturing and Trades
    • Software and Technology
    • Professional Services
    • Transportation and Distribution

    What Our Clients Say

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